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November 11th, 2008 No Comments

The event itself was memorable.  But we, as always, went above and beyond.

Things I experienced tonight I would never have dreamed of:

  • Spoke with two Nobel Peace Prize winners, one in Spanish
  • Met the head of Chanel who has lived a life I could only dream of…but as we learned, dreams can become reality
  • Joked around with an Olympian (Misty Mae Treanor), see Julia’s video
  • Grabbed Jane Goodall around the waist! (for a photo) while she held a stuffed chimp holding a banana
  • Getting chills from hearing Condoleezza Rice speak about 20 feet in front of me
  • Laying eyes upon an actual survivor of the injustice we read about on the other side of the world in impoverished nations (Yemen). See earlier post.

What a night!

What I didn’t do…get a proper pic of the three of us.  Here’s my head to toe in L’Express where Megs and I chowed down on French Onion soup after the event.

A couple notes on the ensemble.  I find Nicole Miller so much more distinctive and interesting in the Ilus boutique.  Not sure why. Secondly, I wore something with capped sleeves and, in my opinion, I don’t look like a football player. One more thing…less is more these days in term of accessories.  Choose one piece and go with that (the earrings).  Skip the clutter.  That’s all.

Julia had her camera in action all night, so more fun pics to come from her.