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November 18th, 2008 No Comments

To my surprise, THE Donatella, was there to say hi. (It was at this point I realized I left my camera at home. Sigh.)

She had just come back from yachting in the Mediterranean.  She said she hadn’t taken a real vacation in almost a decade.  So my question was, “Donatella, how did you take the first step to get to the yacht?”

Her story was music to my ears.  She went to law school but it wasn’t her passion (that sounds familiar).  Despite her restaurateur father’s wishes, at the age of 24, she opened her own place, Bellini, with a sizable loan.  Guests thought she was the hostess!  But within six months, Bellini was hit and she was able to repay every penny.  Soon after, she went to culinary school to hone her talents. Donatella went on to open David Burke and Donatella, which she says

“was the smartest decision I ever made.  Selling it was the second smartest decision I ever made.  People told me not to put my name on the door.”

She followed her passion and put in her blood, sweat and tears.  Her motivation:

“I couldn’t work for anyone else, and I knew what I wanted…I’m aggressive in business, but not in love.”

You’re preaching to the choir sister. It was so refreshing to hear her success story.  These are the same tenets I have lived by since I launched Moe in 2003.  Every day is a challenge, but if you love it, you’ll work for it.  And you will get to vacation however the hell you want to :)

dona, her last venture, was highly acclaimed by the critics, but did not survive. I have a feeling Mia Dona will be a hit.  Especially if she’s chatting up the guests.  She has such a fun spirit, and as you can see, is absolutely beautiful.  Her skin is flawless.