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November 19th, 2008 No Comments

Don’t ask me why or how I became the poster child for colonics on the Internet.  One video lead to another and here I am hosting a TMI episode (seems appropriate given the title of show) and blogging ridiculous amounts of information on poo.

I admit, it’s a little incessant.  But, I keep getting emails questioning the procedure, warning me of the harm it will causes internally, or my favorite, “it really hurts doesn’t it?” NO, it doesn’t! See for yourself.

So today, on TMI, the girls and I offer you our personal experiences, and expert Tom DeVito answers the basic questions you should ask and need to know the answers to.

(2 P.S.’s –  I had a million other slogans for that picture, and I’m sure you do too.  But I couldn’t get myself to type them over myself.  If you want to make one, on the other hand, I would find it funny, and I might post it! Secondly, when the hell is Skitch going to make a PC version?!  I did that in Paint.  Ugh.)