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November 26th, 2008 No Comments

This morning’s workout: Advanced Ass Kicking at Physique 57. If you’re unfamiliar Physique 57 is the regimen Kelly Ripa swears by. I took a couple of classes in the Hamptons this summer and I couldn’t walk for days. It’s a pretty intense toning workout. I’m so excited! You have to wear these special “non-sliding” socks so you don’t slip all over the place while raising and pulsing and tucking and squeezing. Haha. Right now I’m sitting amongst the Physique fanatics gossiping and expressing their contempt for Elizabeth Hasselback. I love cult gym groups! Soul Cycle and Equinox WeHo spin has them too. Only difference: in NYC, the groups are wealthy U E/W S Mommies, in LA, the fanatics are fabulous, fit gay men. I love them both. Enough chat, off to class.