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November 27th, 2008 No Comments



Mumbai Terror Attacks Update:

– Fatalities: At least 101.

– CNN reported that the Taj hotel siege had ended, but later remarks by Mumbai police chief A.N. Roy suggest the operations are ongoing. CNN-IBN reports that five terrorists and 40-45 hostages are still inside the hotel.

– A gunman inside the Oberoi hotel spoke with an Indian news channel, telling them there were seven terrorists in all (CNN-IBN says 12), and they were holding a number of people hostage. He demanded that India “[r]elease all the Mujahideens.”

– CNN-IBN is reporting that three people, possibly Israeli nationals, have managed to escape from Nariman House, where several people are being held. Ha’aretz says the Israeli Foreign Ministry is attempting to locate approximately 20 missing Israeli nationals.

– According to an intelligence report, the terrorists arrived by boat from Karachi, entering through Gateway of India on the southern tip of Mumbai.

NYT: Interactive map of Mumbai attack sites.

(Photo: Reuters)

 Blessed are we.  Thankful I am.