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November 28th, 2008 No Comments

On today’s TMI Weekly, Julia tries to give me a breast exam. Kinky!! The other night some chick actually did want me to feel how real her fake boobs felt. I was tempted, so I did. I couldn’t help myself. They were probably a D and felt so real!! Mine definitely feel real – small and real. Boyfriends always say they’re big enough, or they don’t care about boobs, or my cleavage is hot. Whatever the case may be, they’re what I got and I like ‘em. Thanks to Julia for feeling me up, that’s the most action I’ve seen in a while. That’s what friends are for :). BTW, watching TMI on the iPhone is pretty cool. If you have WiFi, you can just go to the site and click play. Otherwise, I suggest a subscription on iTunes. It’s FREE!