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December 3rd, 2008 No Comments

Today’s TMI travel episode was my favorite to style! I’ve never had an excuse to deck us out in neons.

There are a couple secrets to creating looks for shoots – clothes aren’t always at they seem. For instance, Julia’s “dress” is actually a PINK top with the Sir Alistair scraf wrapped over it.  Might not work in person, but on a set, it’s perfect! 

Here are the links for our fun fashion. 


J. Crew Head Band

PINK by Victoria’s Secret top

Sir Alistair Rai scarf

Henry Bendel Braclets

Aldo Shoes


PINK by Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit

Vitamin A top

Marc by Avon ring

Coach Sunglasses


PINK by Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit

Jump suit by Sir Alistair Rai

Ring by Celeb Style Jewelry

Gucci sunnies

(I’m totally in love with the jumpsuit, isn’t it amazing?!)

On the table are Havianas, the go-to for flip flops.