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A plea to the fake blondes of NYC

December 8th, 2008 No Comments


In my 2 years in NYC I still have not found a colorist that I like.  My friend Katy (who has the most amazing blonde locks) recommended her colorist but she charges over $250 which I just cannot even fathom!

So I’m sending out a plea to all you fake blondes in NYC – I know you exist!  Please tell me where I can get my hair highlighted well and for less than $200.  I used to go to Bumble and Bumble but it seems so impersonal in there.

You can comment or email me at georgiegirlnyc@gmail.com.


Rafael is the absolute best!!! I used to fly home to Houston to have him do my highlights, but now thank goodness he’s in NYC. He also did my amazing updo for the opening of Met.

He works at John Freida: 30 E 76th St, New York – (212) 879-1000

The other day you saw that I went to another colorist because I needed my hair done asap before our TMI shoot.  Shame on me.  Now I’m stuck in Houston with bad highlights. Ugh.