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December 8th, 2008 No Comments


I am so proud of my boy.  This is the gown they are talking about.  Can anyone see someone we know in the front row?

Even some of the most famous females in the world have to deal with fashion-related difficulties. Pop singer Rihanna has asked to wear a gorgeous gown by Western Australian-based designer Ray Costarella. She wants the gown not for a one-off red carpet appearance, but to wear on stage during her coming London and Paris concerts. When someone this well-known wants a dress, designers recognise the potential for furthering brand recognition and valuable media coverage world wide. Rihanna, the darling of the pop world, has long been a fan of Costarella’s couture label Aurelio Costarella. She has worn dresses by Costarella before. (via Rihanna wears Aurelio Costarella gown)

There I am on the front row right hand side!

It was truly an amazing show.  His designs remind me of an early Zac Posen.  Kinda funny, I wore a Zac Posen dress that night.