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December 8th, 2008 No Comments

On today’s TMI Weekly, I offer some tips on how to be festive without looking like a Sunday school teacher.  Julia would have us all in matching Santa sweaters for this episode, but I tied her up before the shoot.  Somehow she snuck one in though.

As far as overall tips go, here are my suggestions:

  • Festive does not mean red, green, or blue.
  • Use bold colors and metallics to stand out
  • Sequins yes, sequins in the shape of Santa or reindeer NO
  • If you don’t like dresses, nice slacks with a ruffle or sequin blouse is acceptable
  • You do have the green light to be a little “louder” than usual (bigger jewelry, hair pieces, gloves, etc) but try not to take it over board.

I can type it out, but it’s much more fun to watch :)

 (via meghanasha)