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December 8th, 2008 No Comments

A quick shout out to Linda Pratka, owner of Ilus, who loaned us our lovely dresses for TMI.

I get letters from readers constantly asking if there is a store like Ilus in their city. (A store that rents cocktail and black tie attire for a fraction of the retail price).  As of now, my answer is unfortunately no. If you know of one, ANYWHERE, please email me.

BUT, they ship!!! Ilus has many of their styles online, and the stylists in the boutique are always happy to answer questions over the phone regarding sizes and fit.

They also have a Rewards Program.  For every friend who rents a dress, they offer you $15 off your next rental.  Bonus! Your girlfriend will definitely take you out for a drink for directing her to such a fab, affordable find.