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December 10th, 2008 No Comments

Post workout, Mom and I went to the grocery store to buy veggies and ground turkey to whip up a lite ‘n lean dinner.

Have you seen these self-service checkouts?  I LOVE them.  So quick, so efficient.  No waiting behind someone with 12 coupons that don’t scan.  (To be honest, I’m jealous they actually receive the paper and have the time to cut them out).  Anyway, love it.  But can you imagine the chaos this would cause at the Whole Foods in Union Square?  It would put the Wal-Mart massacre to shame.

Final note: no wonder America is unhealthy and overweight.  Notice the Doritos and Cheetos shoved in your face as you check out. You know, just in case you forgot to pick up a bag of cholesterol and heart failure while shopping.  Of course we want them, but we know where they are should we care to indulge. Come on now.

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