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December 11th, 2008 No Comments

Tonight was our infamous double date night.  As in dinner and too many drinks with Trey (my bff) and husband-wife duo Billy and Katherine.  Living in bliss in Houston, the three of them complete each other’s sentences as I laugh hysterically. Fun times.

As for Trey and I, we are always each other’s dates for dinners and parties.  We are the friends everyone says will get married eventually, but really we won’t.  We are so in love as friends and know more than anyone needs to know about another person.  (No seriously, this isn’t Hollywood, we are JUST friends.) On the significant other front, he’s “dated” everyone in Houston and I can’t stand to date in Houston.  Plus, we know EVERYONE and their rep.  You think NYC or LA is a small world, good God, you can’t go anywhere here without it being a high school reunion.

Katherine is a post-college friend, but you can tell we are on the same page.  Almost same hairdo, makeup, black top with gold chains.

My favorite quote of the night was from Billy as usual: “You don’t know what kind of tangled mess he’s got down there.” Use your imagination, laugh.

I’m quite the chatty blogger these days….I feel like I have more to say.  Must be my holiday transitional phase.