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December 12th, 2008 No Comments

Julia is having a Festive Fashion couple of days on her blog if you are looking for ideas.  Some of them I love, others….not so much. I’m sure that’s not a surprise.

This is my favorite ensemble she’s picked out.  Everyone will be in a dress, why not rock a femme tuxedo?  With the big skirt or box-legged pants, take the simplicity of this style and add:

  • Big jewelry
  • Dramatic makeup
  • A dark berry (not red) lip
  • Holy shit shoes

Not all at one time, pick one and let it rule the ensemble.


We talked about holiday party outfits on TMIweekly a few days ago, but I forgot to put up a few photos of the dresses I’d spotted this year that I particularly liked …

Above is a combo I adore at holiday time – although I’m dying to get that ballskirt in a tartan.  I’m going to have Chloe & Reese custom make one for me next year.