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December 17th, 2008 No Comments

Last night I ate at Mozza Osteria.  I knew it was going to be good after eating at Mozza Pizzeria on my last trip.  Plus, it’s damn near impossible to get a reservation.  But, I know people, so I get to roll big every once in a while.

What I’m saying is that it’s no surprise I’m going to applaud the food and service.  The whole menu is cheese and created by Mario Batali, how could that ever be bad?  Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, delicioso!  For the entree, we split the one of the juiciest ducks I’ve ever consumed. Dessert was a total failure, but I shouldn’t have ordered it after all of the cheese.

Here’s the part I loved the most:  the atmosphere.  Dining is refined without being old and pretentious.  Recently, New York restaurants have been springing up all over LA in an attempt to raise the bar for the Hollywood high-rollers.  I’ve eaten at a few (BLT, Craft), and they’re total disappointments.  Sitting in Mozza is the closest NYC experience I’ve had:  great food with a sophisticated atmosphere.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pricey, but totally worth it.