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December 24th, 2008 No Comments



Do you have a good slogan, look, idea for a NonSociety t-shirt? We’re planning for CES and need some unique ideas for NS shirts.

Send me your ideas and I’ll post EVERY single design (even the snarky ones) on my blog.

Winners will get a brand spankin’ new iPod Nano and their very own NonSociety tee!

Oh shit, oh shit.  Isn’t the fact I’m going enough?  Meghan is proud of my enthusiasm.  Actually I am too.  I’ll be offering the how-does-this-new-technology-translate-to-the-mainstream-non-geek perspective.  Woohoo! How am I supposed to do that with a smile if I’m dressed up like a geek? or a Julia? Totes, ok.  Thongs, even better.  But I feel another Wired costume coming on (which I will gladly admit is my favorite lip dubs thus far).

But at the end of the day…Sorry, I’m tired of fucking dressing up.  We’re girls at a tech conference, I’m sure we’ll stand out.

HOWEVER, I’m dying to see what you come up with. The snarkier the better, and I will wear the slogan she deems the winner.  I applaud being witty, not dressing up.  Do you see the distinction?

UPDATE ON MY ABOVE BLONDE MOMENT:  Julia has been super blogger tonight so I just assumed this post was hers!  Meghan, what are you doing to me?!