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It’s true. I swear.

December 27th, 2008 No Comments


Did you know that with the combination of the holidays & being on vacation in a warm weather place it’s possible to forget that Tumblr, and the entire Internet for that matter, exists for long stretches at a time?!? I mean for hours upon hours it just disappears. I shit you not, it’s fuckin’ true.

I shit you not, this was the first thing that came up on my dashboard upon opening it for the first time in two days. !#!

You see, I am in very warm weather (80 degrees) sitting on the aforementioned boat so I can tell you this statement is absolutely true.

Unfortunately our first night on board and the ride from Saint Maarten to Saint Barts were both rocky so I’m not feeling so hot.  But when I get my sea legs, I’ll post some pics.