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December 30th, 2008 No Comments

As if Tina’s live concert on the deck wasn’t fun enough, we took it to a whole new level of entertainment last night with karaoke.

No one wanted to be the first up to make an ass of themselves.  But after wearing spandex and jumping around in Times Square, this is child’s play.  I went up and belted Lady Marmalade.

I got an applause, but the crowd agreed I should maybe just be a back up dancer for the remainder of the evening :)

My Karaoke Head to Toe:

  • Hollywould jumpsuit
  • Claudia Labao (from Tootsies) necklace worn as a belt

The outfit doesn’t look so cute here, I’ll admit.  But when not wrinkled and the top portion hanging over the belt, it was quite cute if I do say so myself.