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January 6th, 2009 No Comments

So it looks like I’m finally in hard print.  We have been written about as a threesome tirelessly, Julia has a couple covers under her belt, but as I am the only Houstonian in our group, I got the spotlight in this month’s Houston Modern Luxury.

The article, titled “Type Cast” is about “Houstonians hipping up the bloggosphere.”

Writer Natalie Bogan actually explains lifecasting very clearly and uses my experieces with colonics (no one is ever going to let that one die), hair extensions, and sporadic trips to Miami to depict how it all plays out.  It wouldn’t be an article about NonSociety without mention of our haters, so you all made print too.  But our loyal readers help us shine and that’s why we appreciate your support so much.

The two other bloggers featured are Craig Hunter who pens the “flipside” of NonSociety at www.CubistLiterature.com and Courtney Barton, a former PR rep, who writes tips on fashion, cooking, and home decor on www.InsideTheLoop.com.

**Vanity Note: Those damn extensions are still haunting me!

(Photo credit: Dorothy Hong @ Gotham Bar and Grill, wearing clothes from Encore)

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