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January 7th, 2009 No Comments


So let me finish my post about Tony Mandola’s (not to be confused with Tony’s).

After an hour workout with Trainer Bob, my mom, and THE Jacob’s ladder, I spent my last evening in H town with Trey at THE fish joint in Houston, Tony Mandola’s.  For those of you Houstonians, this restaurant needs no introduction, but for the Yankees, this is the best piece of fish I’ve had in a long time. Including NYC.

To start, Trey ordered their famous spicy Jalapeno martini.  Spicy yes, tasty yes, would I order it, no. Our appetiser was a luke warm crab cake, but after one bite of my entree Snapper Martha, I was in a whole new world of fish fabulousness. Snapper Martha (above) is grilled snapper in a basil wine sauce we were inhaling before I realized this dish deserved a picture.  Trey always orders the crawfish ravioli.  Like any smart man, if it ain’t broke, he ain’t fixin’ it.  And that dish ain’t broke.  Both were absolutely….there aren’t words! Fresh, light, rich, and mmmmmm delicious. 

You pay a price with your wallet and with your eyes for this succulent feast. The restaurant is simple, stuffy, and empty by 8:30pm.  In other words, the atmosphere sucks. Bottom line: go fish. It’s the best, and it’s all they have to offer.