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January 12th, 2009 No Comments

On our CES Superlatives Page, we’ve been asking people to vote for “The Gadget Most Likely to get you Laid.”  The other day a programmer answered without hesitation that 3D technology would be his sure thing.  I checked it out today and it’s not on my list as “hot” or “sexy,” especially considering the glasses you wear to watch it.

My vote goes to Linksys by Cisco’s Wireless Home Audio System. Hear me out.

Not all of us are fortunate to have a digital crib with all the bling built in.  So Cisco has come up with this system for you to be fly and be frugal (for wireless technology anyway).

With this system you can link your iPod, computer, internet, and tv music libraries and the speakers you already have by linking them to these digital hubs you strategically place around the house.  So no matter where you are, you have control of your tunes.

There are several different kit options on Amazon depending on how slick and sexy you want to be.