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January 14th, 2009 No Comments


As you know, we taped a TMI episode where I suggested Yummie Tummie as a method to smooth out your curves.  Some of you purchased the $72 product, some of you didn’t.

Those of you who did buy the tank and are unhappy with its effects seem to be pretty upset with me.  Hmmmm….

I should have explained this a while ago, so let me tell you now how my product endorsement works:

  1. I buy something new or PR reps send me their products/clothes for free.
  2. I try them.  Sometimes I have my friends test them too.
  3. I tell you what I honestly think in a blog post or mention it on TMI if relevant to my topic.
  4. At no point does money exchange hands (If it does, I’ll let you know.  Look out for the word “sponsor”).

I cannot pay rent or any sort of bills with these reviews.  They are just a resource for you.

We are all different sizes and shapes with different chemical make ups so products that work for me, might not be the best for you.  All I can offer is a genuine opinion about my experience, how I think it would add value to your life, and any issues I might have with it.

Surely you know when magazines suggest products they only do so for the advertising dollars.  Do you write angry notes to them when you purchase their “recommendations?”

Because I have bags full of products, I usually only write about things I LOVE or HATE.  Middle of the road stuff I only take the time to talk about if I feel like people use it and maybe shouldn’t. 

A quick note on SPONSORS: NonSociety doesn’t team up with sponsors we don’t genuinely like.  We would look like assholes if we shilled products that suck.  You can’t think we really do that? There are too many things we love to promote stuff we don’t believe in. 

AND FINALLY, if you have a problem with Yummie Tummie, tell them.  They are really nice people, and I’m sure will let you send back the product.  I can’t make a promise, but if you’re upset enough to post on QOD, then I believe it’s worth the  10 minutes to let them know your grievance.

I hope this clarifies some issues for you.  Should you have any other questions, you know where to find me.