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January 14th, 2009 No Comments


Closing Argument: It wasn’t a date…a friend who happened to be a lady (they exist!) happened to land a reservation, so we went down to see what it was about. We sat in the corner and gawked at what looked like the extras holding pit for an episode of The City. The crowd was that horrific brand of too-much-money-and-nothing-to-do youngsters, smoking cigarettes and drinking expensive cocktails. I suppose it doesn’t make me much better to have been there, but it was strictly as an outsider looking in. Even if I could go back, I likely wouldn’t.

As far as how you know me…I played your sidekick in NomSociety. I’d imagine we’d get along swimmingly if you can look past the fact that I donned a wig and towel to poke a little fun of you and your friends.

I did think about that after I posted my comment….she probably wasn’t a date.  You’re not that clueless.  AND, my dating advice was unsolicited. Wow.  I was way out of bounds.  But after NomSociety, you won’t discredit me for that :)

BTW, NomSociety, is still my favorite spoof! 

We would totally be friends.  Let’s grab drinks!  Grey Goose rocks for me and a chocolate martini for my man friend.