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January 15th, 2009 No Comments


(It rhymes, go with it)

On today’s TMI, I offer a few favorite brands that decided they were going to increase their eco-awareness and keep their prices low:

Commenters have continued the discussion in the forum below the show and offerend some great points:

GreyKitty says, ”Being “green” is about what you’re doing to actually reduce your wastefulness.”

Maiasura:I second shanna’s thrifting comment—no better way to reduce your carbon footprint than buying fewer new products. Yay, recycling!”

Kimmmmmmgee:being able to bury something and have it quickly biodegrade is important, but using organic fabric in the first place means that no chemicals like pesticides are being used to grow mass quantities of crops and therefore those chemicals can’t get into the water supply and damage the environment. reducing your consumption and getting plenty of use out of your clothes is the first step, but when actually getting out and buying stuff it’s just important to be informed about what impact you have.”

Shanna brings up a common reaction people have to faux leather: “Matt and Nat stuff is incredibly cute, but also very pricey for synthetics. my best friend bought a bag not knowing it was vegan… when she found out she was like, “I paid a $300 for PLEATHER?” I wanted to design vegan CLICK bags, but the cost of the faux leather was more expensive than the leather.  At the time, the demand wasn’t there so it didn’t make sense.  And honestly, I don’t think people are looking for green designer bags like their are their throw around grocery totes.

Stop by the comments page to see more green suggestions and add your two cents.