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January 17th, 2009 No Comments

If you’re like me and not leaving the house because it’s just too damn cold outside, check out Meghan and Megan on Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Rose’s 24 Hours of Sundance. 

Here’s how it works:  The boys give 4 teams challenges to complete around town.  Their first task was to get a flag, Sharpie, and a lift ticket without using money.  Second task was to write “For a good time, call [your number] and have a snowboarder stake it at the top of the mountain and take a a picture.

This is child’s play for my Meg(h)ans! We have Julia running through our veins.


  • Go to a hotel or resort and find the manager
  • Tell him/her they are writing a review for anything they want
  • Find out: how long it takes for the water to get hot, what the thread count of the sheets is, and which celebs are staying there.
  • Tell the manager, they are disappointed and will give the hotel an E rating unless they get a free meal.

That’ tough.  Keep track of the girls on Meghan’s page.  It’s too f-ing funny.  So excited I have nothing to do today!