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January 20th, 2009 No Comments


I love restaurant week in New York.  You get to try out some of the fabulous spots your wallet usually won’t let you step near.

Zoe in Soho is a good standard for this promotion, so I always hit them up for their new selections on the three course lunch ($25) and dinner ($35) menus.  

But otherwise, I’m excited to give all the big dogs I haven’t tried in NYC a shot.  

OOO, I wonder if Union Square Cafe put their gnocchi on the menu…Cafe Boulud and Bar Boulud are both offering lunch.  Bond Street’s Bento box can kiss my butt.  Dos Caminos’ offerings look delicious as always.  There’s a Swordfish steak frittes on Fishtail’s menu that looks yummy.  Click here to see all of the restaurants participating.