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January 21st, 2009 No Comments


A reader directed me to Fashion Toast, a blog by hipster fashionista Rumi.  Her profile doesn’t say much, but from some of her photographs and physique, I’m thinking she’s a model.

Rumi’s style is what I would call educated hipster –  so refreshing, youthful, and inspired.  Her look isn’t exactly unique, but she’s knows how to put together an outfit and understands why she likes the look she assembles.

The photography is amazing, her collages are eye candy, and she offers a interesting tale of how she came about putting together each ensemble.  Because the blog is so detailed, Rumi doesn’t post daily, but she updates often enough to keep you coming back at least twice a week.

As a fashionista, I’m inspired.  The aesthetic of her blog is simple and chic while her style is casual and fresh.  I would like to incorporate both in the new year.