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January 22nd, 2009 No Comments


“The idea is to rest your body from having to process food and give it time to catch up on healing, while at the same time providing a concentrated, easily digested source of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. Even conventional medicine acknowledges that most Americans do not get the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day; juicing is a good way to ensure you do” – Astrid Pujari, M.D. An internist with an additional four years’ training in holistic medicine

During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. This process can be assisted by drinking alkaline fruit and vegetable juices and potassium broth. The sugars in the fruit juice strengthen the heart and are extremely beneficial in normalizing all the body processes, assisting the body’s own healing and cellular regeneration. Juices require no digestion and are easily assimilated. Minerals are increased within the tissues. – Dr. Denise Moffat

Depending on the length of the Cleanse, it accomplishes different things. A three-day Cleanse helps the body rid itself of old built up matter and cleanses the blood. A five-day Cleanse starts the process of rebuilding and healing the immune system. A ten-day Cleanse will take care of problems before they arise and fight off degenerative diseases. – BluePrint Cleanse

If you want to know more about cleansing and fasting (who, what, where, when, why, how do I do it on my own), I found the most useful explanations on Natural Health Tecqniques by Dr. Denise Moffat.