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Mary’s Health Habits

January 22nd, 2009 No Comments

Here’s what I do in my commitment to a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Cleanse 3x a Year (BluePrint or Organic Avenue – Cleansing is not for the faint of heart so I pay* for them to provide everything I need and keep me on schedule)
  2. Colonic at Release (during cleanse)- Sometimes I get a little backed up during a cleanse so this not only helps, but because of my cleansing diet, the crap on the walls of my colon are exfoliated and released.
  3. Vegan Daytime Diet – During the day I eat veggies and some fruits. Mostly a hearty salad. Sometimes a starch slips in when I’m craving bread or a vegan cookie.  I can’t give up cookies.  Sorry, can’t.
  4. Snack – A piece of fruit, nuts, or I save the cookie until snacktime :)
  5. Protein or Starch Dinner – When I’m being REALLY good I choose one or the other to go with veggies. But usually, I just eat a little bit of everything including dessert. Wine always.  Cocktails sometimes.
  6. Exercise – 5 times a week.  I have to.  It’s my therapy with the benefit of keeping my organs healthy and my body looking like a young boy.

*I have paid full price for Organic Avenue but do not pay for BluePrint.  BluePrint does not pay me to write about it. I just f-ing love the juice.