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January 27th, 2009 No Comments

“For me, they have been absolutely amazing.  In my first three months training with them (twice a week) I dropped three pant sizes.  I only lost about 5 lbs, but I lost fat and gained muscle.  My body was completely changed.  Now, I am not an overweight person by any means, but I noticed a huge difference almost immediately.  I have a good friend (male) who joined my class last year and with twice a week Kettlebells and a changed diet he has now lost somewhere around 70 or 80lbs.

I was petrified when I joined because I had never been one for going to the gym, let alone lifting weights and I had absolutely NO clue what Kettlebells were.  I used to joke that I had “negative muscles” but I went from struggling with a 6kg to now being able to press a 16kg (sometimes, I’m still a work in progress) and swinging with a 24kg.    I love that almost every exercise is an overall body workout, not just focusing on one muscle group or one part of the body.  My trainer always says that if he had to choose just a couple of things out of his entire gym he would take Kettlebells every time.  I love going to my class, it’s invigorating and, even three years later, I still find it exciting to realize that I’m actually kind of strong, and way stronger than I look or people would expect me to be.

Not only have they improved my strength, but my endurance, my speed and my overall confidence (and of course, the hot bod isn’t so bad either)!” — Reader Sarah