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January 29th, 2009 No Comments

Meet Erin.  Friend from college and bff of Andy’s.  She lives in the apartment across the courtyard, only a fountain away.  (It’s truly like Melrose place around here…haven’t heard of a psycho Sydney yet though.)

She came in showing us her Color Me Mine creations after dinner.  As we all are around here, she’s usually dressed in her gym clothes, so I commented how cute she looked.  Her response, “Oh, I just went to the grocery story so I was thinking comfort over cute.”

Ummm…I wish I thought a skirt and tights were comfortable so I wouldn’t look like a slob treking around NYC (my readers who stop me on the street can tell you I’m not always put together).

Grocery Store Head To Toe:

  • Theory top
  • Theory skirt
  • “Tights I can’t find anymore” tights
  • Uggs