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January 30th, 2009 No Comments


For those of you funky NYC hipsters, I know Timo is old news.  But we need to spread the wealth on this nifty tri-fold that is so much cooler than a plain ole Prada.

Timo wallets, created by Timo Weiland and pals, are constructed of treated photographs and sketches with plastic lining.  Sounds primative, but they haven’t sacrificed durabilty and functionality to be unique.

The colorful wallets strike me as a more fun and affordable ($35-$45) Comme des Garcons ($100-$150).  I love it when designers burst out of the box without being tacky.  I’ve been looking for something to replace my turquoise CDG zip up, but everything out there is so boring.

A Timo wallet is cheap, but exclusive.  Thrillist says you can find them at Blue and Cream on E 1st and Bowery.  You know those hipsters have good taste!  But when I love something and I can’t find it, I go straight to the source.