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January 31st, 2009 No Comments

Welcome to my photo gallery!

I believe pictures are one of the best forms of communication.  I mean, how can you truly know what I’m talking about unless you can see it for yourself.  So below are a few pictures of me that hopefully communicate a little bit more about me as a person.  Some are professional, others are candid.  In my life, the lines of work and play are often blurred because at the end of my day, I share it all with you!

Right now this is my favorite  photo because it depicts where I am in my life right now.

For the past year I have been traveling all over the world, never really calling one place home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Despite my gypsy lifestyle, I would have to say life has been pleasantly simple.  I work hard, exercise, and play when I can.  I’m no longer captivaed by big events, glamorous gowns, or even the security that comes with a regular schedule.  I’m enjoying finding new experiences and living life to the fullest.  It can be challenging at times, and there are many moments when I long for a home, but most of the time, I am loving the path that I let life lead me down.

But at the same time, I am 100% committed and passionate about my work and creating a destination for people to learn more about what’s out there in the world.  Often we get stuck in a routine that made sense at one time, but then the complacency becomes boring.  Sometimes the simplest suggestions can start a revolution in your lifestyle.  So with my contributors that’s what I hope I can provide.

Ok, I bet you’re wanting more pictures, less typing.  Here goes –

Currently I am the founder, editor-in-chief (as it were), and main blogger on MoreThanMary.  That basically means I run the brand, the business, PR, and content of this website.  It’s a lot for one girl, I tell ya.  But I love every minute of it! My favorite part is the content, obviously that’s the most fun part of the job, and the most beneficial for you.  With each new experience I have, you might go try something new.  Love it or hate it, at least now you know :)
(Photo by Andrew Flavin)

I’m high energy and I work very hard in life, but I prefer a slower pace.  Give me family and friends and a dinner table long enough to seat them all around, and I’d be happy for life.

(Photo: Andrew Flavin)

Ok, I’m one of those girls that looks in the mirror a little too long.  I’ll admit it.  I’m usually stealing a look to see if I need to fix anything.  In terms of cosmetics, I don’t pack them on, but I enjoy a painted face that appears natural (which I hope is everyone’s ultimate daily goal).  Most days I go without completely, but only because I spend most of my time working at home and at the gym.

(Love this picture by Andrew Flavin)

As I get older, I’m becoming more laid back and comfortable in my own skin. And more like my mother.  I look like my Dad, but my expressions, nuances, silly natured comments, even the way I stand, it’s all Mom.  Lucky me! She’s the most all-around beautiful person I know.

(Photo Credit: Andrew Flavin)

I know what you’re going to say, I’m too young to have kids (actually…do people still say that at 28??), but indeed I do.  Meet my son Mason, a 4 year old mixed chihuahua.

(Photo credit: Pickett)

Ask anyone, Mase is the sweetest dog around.  How did I get so lucky with my little B ‘n T rescue dog?!

(Photo Credit: Andrew Flavin)

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still love getting dressed up.  This is my I-think-I’m-shooting-editorial-for-Vogue shot.  I love it.  The stunning feather gown is Keith Lissner.

(Photo Credit: Pickett)

I started my career in digital media as a fashion blogger.  I gained notariety by liveblogging designer collections from the front row of the runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. This February will be my 5th season to do it.
At Carolina Herrera. (Photo by Otto Cedeno)
At Pamela Roland (Photo by Julia Allison)
This season will be my second season to livestream the action from not only the front row, but also backstage and in the private lounges.  Working with Livestream.com has been an amazing experience that has put my coverage ahead of the game.  We are the ONLY people continuously streaming from multiple shows without turning off the camera so you get to see it all!


In February of 2008, I launched NonSociety.com with soon-to-be Wired covergirl Julia Allison and sexy geekette tech blogger Meghan Asha.  We created the platform to take digital media to a new level of authenticity via lifecasting.
In this vein we also hosted and co-produced a webseries with Next New Networks called TMI weekly.  On this 5 minute show, we invited you into our conversation where we chatted about all issues in terms of life, tech, and style.
(Photos by Pickett)
We had so much fun shooting the show because it was just us being girls and telling the world how we really felt.
Behind the scenes.
(Photo by Lindsey Belle)

In April of 2009 I launched MoreThan Mary and began a few other endeavors as well.

Kodak brought me on board as a brand ambassador to spread the word about their new products and services.  Truly I was honored to work with their team and share my love for their products with you.  I also cover carpet events for them and produce videos to distribute on the web.

At the Streamy Awards interviewing iJustine.

At the Celebrity Apprentice Finale with Joan Rivers.  She trumped them all and won!
I’ve also started contributing articles to The Houston Chronicle for the Social and Travel sections.
My favorite event to cover thus far has been the opening of the Houston Grand Opera.  Here I’m photographed with the gracious  Joanne King Herring.   As I said, I love to dress up, so I called upon the best to create this ensemble.  My Cinderella Head To Toe: Gustavo Cadile gown, Erica Courtney Jewels, and makeup by Edward Sachez.
This is my favorite way to end the day.  I’m a girl who needs the warmth of the sun to carry me through the day.  It inspires me to work harder and longer.  And I’m lucky enough to end my days here often.
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