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February 2nd, 2009 No Comments

Ok, I just got a text message that really shook me up. I needed to hear it. I’m glad to be one of those girls that hears the truth when it’s stated outright. But, wow, this one stings. Bloggers be damned, say what you want, but you will never pack a punch like this. I’m so tempted to blog it as redacted, but what’s the point. (Update: As you see, I posted the text anyway.  Life doesn’t always need to have a clear cut point, right?)

 I’m a heartbroken girl, that’s not front page news. I’m posting a picture of my Mom because whenever something really good or bad happens, I want to hug her first. And in the end, I treasure that friendship over some silly man, so I feel ok when it’s all over. (The guy’s mom is pretty amazing too. That’s totally beside the point.) \

Anyway, I’m a little on the sad side, my heart aches for a guy who sucks for several reasons but I admire his honesty, and I can’t sleep. More tequila?