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February 2nd, 2009 No Comments

His Final Answer (Talk about Bad Textiquette)

I couldn’t help myself. After our brief conversation, I knew I had nothing to lose by sending the text. The same logic applies for blogging the exchange. Obviously, I’m the green bubble.

Now I know.

The world continues to turn wouldn’t you know. I think I’ve made this whole thing out to be more dramatic than it actually is. I’m not blogging with tears streaming down my face. In fact, I’m not crying at all. Just a little sad.

These are the texts I really like: direct, honest, no bullshit. Bottom line texts. Admirable and appreciated.

I have had a handful of dates since we broke up (aka he dumped me), and only one has really sparked my interest. But in a different way than Redacted. I miss his witty sense of humor like I would cookies if you deprived me of their sweetness. In other words, I’m a bit ravenous. But certainly there’s someone out there who will bust my balls and treat me like the Queen of England all in the same moment.

Ok, that’s it. No more.

(Note: Redacted broke up with me in November in person, after two weeks of being a distant douche. Ask anyone, especially Bob, we were a great couple. But, he is still a good person who I will always call a friend. The guy gets it all.)