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February 2nd, 2009 No Comments


Lettuce Wraps part deux.

If you follow Sarah, you know she has been full on bragging (in a good way) about her recent gourmet feasts. I’m not sure where she finds the time to prepare all of this, but I’m jealous she doesn’t mind cooking these intricate meals for herself.  (To me the mess isn’t worth it.)

She always posts a picture from online, not an actual shot of her dish or the recipe.  Cheater cheater sarah!  We want to see what you did and how it turned out.  Although I’m sure her plates look and taste just as scrumptious as this one.

Update from Chef Sarah: “I usually do share my recipes and all of the photos were taken by me or someone else there during the consumption. I have so many friends who have awesome cameras, ditto for coworkers.” This is the recipe.  “Like you, I believe the mess isn’t worth it, when I am solo.  I have only ever cooked for more than one person.  None of these meals were consumed alone.” 

My Response To Her Update:  Holy shit I’m jealous:

  • Of her, for having tons of friends in NYC (she cooks all the time). 
  • Of her friends, for getting to enjoy all of these delicious dishes 
  • And finally, of her friends’ photographic skills – You can’t take this picture with an iPhone

My point is, if you’re a homegrown chef like our girl Sarah, we would love for you to share your recipes.  Obviously since it’s our site, the healthier the better. And of course pictures of YOUR dish are highly encouraged.

We will be chatting about some of our favorites tomorrow for a new episode of TMI.  So send them in here