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February 4th, 2009 No Comments


This is going to sound really lame, but hear me out.

The last Valentine’s gift I bought for a boyfriend was towels in 2003.  I know it sounds awful, but listen to the thought in the gift.

First of all, my boyfriend and I shared a birthday which was 2 days after Valentine’s, so we went big for that day.  As for the towels, it was actually a gift he loved and needed.

The bf had a set of really awful towels despite his love for linens.  When we would shower, we couldn’t keep straight whose towel was whose.  So I bought a set of the softest, most scrumptious towels I could find and had them monogrammed in white with our nicknames in the bottom right corner so we could keep our towels straight.  The monograms were very small and blended with the terry cloth so no one would know they were there unless you pointed them out.

Writing this it sounds lame, but he loved them, as I knew he would.

The moral of this story is other people don’t have to love the gift as long as it makes you smile.

(BTW, for our birthdays, we got each other a trip to Vegas to see Elton John in Vegas to watch him sing “our song” live. I’ll never forget it.)