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February 4th, 2009 No Comments

Disclaimer: I’m not saying my suggestions are right or even good.  This is just how I approach the Hallmark holiday.  My remarks assume you are dating someone who truly cares about you and vise versa.  This could even be a new love interest. If your relationship is shallow and based on meaningless sex, then you should probably just go to dinner, enjoy good food and wine, and do what you do best afterwards.


“It’s the thought that counts” really couldn’t be more applicable than on Valentine’s day.  Your lover doesn’t want a meaningless item that shows off your bank account, they want a token to demonstrate you know their personality and understand their desires in life.  Gifts can be small and inexpensive as long as they are significant.


I don’t like the idea of lingerie.  But that’s just me. 

For men, I wouldn’t buy them clothes or accessories.  It’s not fun for them.  Jewelry is great for guys if they’re into it. Gadgets are fun and impressive.  And when all else fails, bacon :)  I realize this is not particularly helpful, but like I said, gifts should be specific to the person.

For women, clothes are great and can be a sure thing.  If you’re thinking jewelry, we like that too.  But I would stay away from big chain stores (ex: silver pieces from Tiffany).  That shows total lack of originality. Find a boutique like Fragments that sells a variety of designers at a range of prices.  This way you have the opportunity to find something unique.  This shows you put thought into a material gift.


Buy a card. Funny, decorative, cheesy or handmade.  Any card will do.  Take the time to put your feelings on down in writing.  This is never an easy task so the effort and thought is VERY IMPRESSIVE.  If you can get through the night on your best behavior, the card can be a sure-fire panty dropper.


Dinner is a lovely gesture, and can possibly be the only one you make.  Choose a restaurant that offers a fare or atmosphere you know they will enjoy.  Prepare their favorite meal with a little candlelight and wine.  Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s always enjoyable and a great way to make the day about both of you. Top it off with a small gift and a thoughtful card, you really can’t go wrong. 


As the only gesture, flowers work for a casual relationship or family member.  They can’t stand alone as a gift for someone you care about.  It’s the easy way out, and you never wanted your lover to think they aren’t worth your time and effort.  Flowers are a beautiful way to start your lover’s day or surprise them at the office, but that “thoughtful gesture” should follow later.


In my opinion, a weekend getaway is the best way to celebrate a relationship.  At a suburb B&B or a quick trip to Miami, quality time with my lover (and without the stress of the city on my shoulders) is always my favorite gift.  (Yes, even more desirable than shoes!)  I know it’s tough financially these days, not to mention time is hard to find, but you could always wrap up a brochure or guide book for the destination of a trip to come.