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February 6th, 2009 No Comments



Eatingwell.comhas tons of recipes that use fruit as the base. Think of the fruit as the cake, ice cream, or cookie and then add toppings or cook. You can almost trick yourself into thinking it’s a real dessert. I loooove this Cocoa-Nut Bananas recipe that has you roll bananas in cocoa powder and then add toasted coconut.

You get the idea, though. You can add cinnamon and raisins to baked apples or pears, chocolate or caramel to bananas, cinnamon and cloves to oranges, etc. Get creative. Return fruit to its rightful place as an excellent end to a meal!

Excellent vegan treat!! Must make over the weekend!!!

I’ve really enjoyed following Jessica and Courtney’s MyDailyBread blog lately.  I believe it was Jessica who wrote me about it when I asked for recipe submissions.  And now, they’ve directed me to nutritionista.

Between Sarah, Jessica, and Courtney I am definitely inspired to start cooking again. Like really cooking, not just throwing veggies in a pan.

UPDATE: Apparently Nutritionista was started because I give horrible nutrition advice.  My response – Great!  I’m glad I insipired you to start a blog.  I skimmed over it, love it, and would still reccommend it to my readers despite your snarky remarks to the awful rebloggers.

I would be happy to hear about them preparing your suggestions, incorporating new spices, and enjoying the cooking experience.  I totally agree with the quote you posted (below) and encourage my readers to cook healthy meals at home with or without a juicer. 

Almost any kind of cooking you can produce in a kitchen is healthier than fast food. — Barry Popkin, a nutritional epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, from this Times article.

Keep up the good work!

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