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February 10th, 2009 No Comments

Meet Marc Forgione

The Head chef and owner of the former Forge, now Marc Forgione.

Right after this picture was taken, his business partner informed him I wrote Marc a not so steller review for Eater’s 2008 Restaurant Round-up.  Honestly, my experience was not great.  You all trust me to write my genuine opinion, and I ALWAYS DO, despite what’s expected.  (It’s not smiled upon to recieve a free dinner and then not report a ”mind blowing” meal, but that’s not how it went down for me.)

All of that being said, I truly believe it must have been an off night.  Other party goers were fans of the fare.  To my immediate right in this picture was Laurent Tourondel, Executive Chef of the BLT’s.  Marc worked as his sous chef before opening Forge.  An incredibly amicable man, Laurent gushed about how proud he was of Marc and his accomplishments.

So I will be going back soon to try Marc’s seasonal citrus menu.  Marc changes the menu depending on what is inspiring him at the moment (click here for his video explanation). Obviously I can relate to that (see earlier name change blog post), so I’m excited to re-evaluate my Marc Forgione experience.