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February 11th, 2009 No Comments



Haha. I knew you would like this post.  I dropped the Britney Spears mention just for you! (Sarah loves anything Britney.)

Side note: She just posted about Ruelala’s Yummie Tummie 50% off sale.  Tanks are $40 each!

What can I say? So predictable. I DO love me some Britney. And that jacket is hot(and faux!)

It makes sense that you and Britney wear the same jacket. Besides the fact that your style is way better than hers and she is off/on with her sanity, now that I think about it you two do have a few (fabulous) things in common:

  • You’re both blond (is hers natural?) and hot and love YSL
  • You’re both talented, creative, and innovative within your mediums 
  • You both think fur (and faux fur) is business casual :)
  • You both blog and twitter ( I know she might not herself, but A for effort and in all fairness, your intern is all over your Facebook page)
  • You’ve both extended your hair then whacked it off (she did a bit more drastically ;))
  • You both do lip dubs (hers are a bit more frequent and she calls them music videos…Britney, I love you but…)
  • You’re both massively misunderstood yet beloved by the haters masses

All of these are compliments. As a fan of both Britney and Mary, I am sure you know that. But just to make sure everyone else does. :)

Wow, I never thought I would be in any way compared to BS.  And then say thank you.  I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan, I’m indifferent.  Also, I feel sorry for all the crap she’s been through. 

And just so you know, I’m all over my own Facebook page these days thanks to the awesome iPhone mobile App (which btw kicks the app on a CrackBerry’s ass!)

See you later lady!