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February 12th, 2009 No Comments

Walking to Bar Jamon in Gramercy to share a bottle of wine with my two girlfriends Erica and Sarah. In hand, I have their Valentines: a fresh, oh so soft Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip cookie wrapped in a heart gingham dishtowel. No time for baking today (what’s new), so I picked up these delicious treats from Lite Atlas on W4th and Mercer. It was love at first bite with these vegan cookies, and they are a new fav. Both Sarah and Erica are healthy eaters so I know they’ll fall in love too. G, hope you can make it!

Recognize the bow?  It even looks good on a dishtowel.  Get a refresher on how to make the perfect bow here.

Update: Sarah liked her pretty present (although Elle did not seem impressed). On the other side of town, G is craving a cookie and seems to actually thinkshe might be punished and destitute to a cookie+towel-less Vday due to her absense (aka work ethic).  Although, she knows me better than that.  When G asks her doorman for any packages on Friday, she won’t be disappointed when he puts a dishtowel tied up with string in her hands. As for Erica, we told her, it’s time to get a tumblr.