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February 12th, 2009 No Comments

I know times are tough, but imagine if you didn’t have clean water running into your house.  And no access to bottled water.  Really.  What would you do?

If you can’t make it to the event, there are other ways you can participate.

  • Uploading or buying music at Twestival.fm.
  • Buying an official Twestival t-shirt.
  • Taking part in the eBay auction.
  • Watching Twestival live and pre-recorded video.
  • Donating to charity: water.
  • They clearly state: “The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects.”

    For more details and videos of their projects, visit their homepage