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February 13th, 2009 No Comments

Like everyone else, I will cutting back my fashion week attendance.  After 2 years of “covering” the event, I now feel like I know what you want and how I can best provide that.

I never wanted to be competitive with a Style.com or WWD.  Their presentation is lovely, but so boring.  Don’t get me wrong, we need quality pictures of the clothes and an understanding of the designer’s inspiration.  But I don’t think that’s the information you want to get from me.

So this year, the majority of my coverage will be LIVE.  Not crystal clear pictures and videos I upload hours after the show.  I mean actually LIVE as the models strut their stuff down the catwalk, as the celebs mingle backstage, any shenanigans I catch on camera.  You’re right there with me. Honestly…:: it’s not exciting all of the time, but Jules and I have more fun than most around the tents.

Fashion week actually starts tomorrow, but it really doesn’t get going until Sunday.  So Otto and I are going to fine tune our LiveU and Mogulus module to start livestreaming Fashion Week directly to you on Sunday as you’re recovering from all the love from Saturday.

If there’s anything you’re particulary interested in seeing, email me and I’ll be on the trail to make it happen.