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February 13th, 2009 No Comments

A fake Goyard weekender you treat like shit is hilarious. A fake monogram Dooney & Bourke you carry with pride is a hate crime.

Missbehave magazine (via morganism82) (via megwhyte)

Simply hilarious. My Texan friends and I used to have an expression: “So Signature Coach” (you know the coach shit with the C’s all over it…). We hate it so much that we named anything we disliked after it. Fakes take signature coach to a whole new level. I dislike anything knock off because of how bad it is for the designer/artist/fashion industry, but my idea of hell is pretty much a sea of fake :: signature coach handbags. EEK!

(via mascarah) Obviously I agree. Someone should ask Donna Karan what she thinks.