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February 18th, 2009 No Comments


Last night I celebrated my 27 years on this earth with my girls and fab friends at BLT Fish.  We ate, drank, laughed.  Nothing fancy, just hanging out.  Despite all of the events I attend and the numerous times I get gussied up, I’m actually a low key person.  I like taking it easy, no makeup, shooting the shit, etc.  I don’t think you know that about me because I usually post the party pics and full throttle head to toes.  So, now you know.

That being said, I was loving my “Julia Allison” outfit last night!  We called it JA due to the big poofy skirt obviously.  And wouldn’t you know, Julia wore her super slim and chic “Mary Rambin” outfit last night.  A little switch-a-roo!

My Julia Allison Head to Toe:

  • Vintage earrings
  • Blouse from London
  • Karen Zambos skirt
  • YSL shoes

Overall, such a fun night.  I wish I had more pictures….bad blogger!