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February 18th, 2009 No Comments

Male Hair Crisis!  For decades women have been tolerating men doing whatever they want with their mops.  But now it’s time to take matters into our own hands.::

In conjunction with our new sponsor Axe, we will be exploring the depth of this issue and how can we as women solve this problem.

Our investigation starts at the Bryant Park tents interviewing models on how they like their man’s hair.  You’ll see, being a model doesn’t mean their boyfriends are perfect and they are speaking out against their tossled mess of a man.

Guys, it’s a win win for you.  Your hair looks hot and your lady is happy.  You know that means you’re getting lucky right?

Axe has already started on the initiative, so check out their Facebook page.  You’ll see ladies, you and your man are not alone in dealing with stiff spikes and crunch curls.