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February 21st, 2009 No Comments

A fur-clad A dog and I hit the final fashionista parties tonight.::

I’m not one for the social scene so Adrien dragged me to Tribeca for a lame ass party at Megu (where one Christian LaLiberte held court at the kids table) from whence we jumped over to the Tribeca Grand for a montage of models, wanna-be’s, and know-they-will-never-be’s.  As the hords piled in, you could hear them bragging about their Dries Van Noten this and their chinchila fur that.

Just not my scene.  Thank goodness Georgina had invited me downtown for Book Club (aka Aisha’s birthday where everyone gets hammered.)

For this night of party-going, A and I were decked out to a T.  Him more than me. But that’s nothing new.

Fab Fur Head To Toes:


  • Claudia Labo Earrings
  • H&M necklace I stole from JA
  • Oscar de la Renta fur vest
  • Charlotte Russe tank (talk about high low fashion)
  • J Brand jeans, Hue tights (Phillip Lim gift bag)
  • Loehmann’s bracelet
  • Vintage Chanel bag
  • Isaac Mizrahi boots


  • Vintage fur
  • Prada belt
  • Tights
  • YSL shoes
  • Versani jewelry
  • Negative bow tie.  There’s more, I just didn’t ask.