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February 23rd, 2009 No Comments


Paul Mitchell’s Ionic Dryer wins as my favorite hair dryer!::

I’ll admit, when reader Casey suggested I try out the PM, I was a little skeptical, even after turning it on. Most people (myself included) believe the stronger the wind, the faster your hair will dry.  With volume to boot.  But I quickly learned that myth is false.

The Paul Mitchell ionic and ceramic properties succeed at locking in moisture, volumizing your roots, and drying your hair quickly with only a medium just of wind.  Because the wind isn’t overly forceful, you’re able to style your hair in sections without blowing it all over the place.

My hair has truly never seen volume or shine like this before.  My blowdrying experience is no longer a burden now tolerable, and I’m always pleased with the results.**

A round of applause of Casey please.  Nice tip!

(Paul Mitchell suggests buying their products at authorized retailers/salons.  To find one near you, click here.  An online purchase is not condoned by the brand, but you can find the dryer on Amazon for $100)

**When I style it correctly.