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A Final Thought For The Day

March 3rd, 2009 No Comments

I honestly enjoy relating my life to you. Granted, you only know about 1/3 of my actual day to day interaction. And your reactions to that portion can often be tough to swallow.

The majority of you see my desire to entertain you.  Hopefully you learn something. If you follow me regularly, perhaps you’re inspired, or infuriated.  My hope is that you feel strongly about what I have to say…whether that reaction is a furrowed brow or a hearty chuckle.

Without the tumblr community, I really don’t think I could have grown as a blogger.  I have learned so much from the people I follow. Not to mention the readers who take the time out of their day to put their honest opinions into writing. 

All of you have become an integral part of my life.  You light the fire under my ass when I’m tired.  You make me smile when I’m sad.  The majority of the emails I receive are to thank me for something.  But I think it’s time I thank you :: for all you do for me.  I put my body and soul into this blog and business (whether you actually see it or not).  Moving forward, I am eager to evolve with your support. (Yes, those who give advice/blog need guidance at times too.)

So, many thanks for your questions, support, suggestions, reactions.  You keep me living on the edge and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Until later (that would be this morning), night night.